The Audience Speaks

Here’s a some feedback that we’ve gotten from people who have attended our screenings and events.

River City Cinema is a fundamental initiative to the rebirth of downtown Bangor. It may have been the initial spark that has brought the city night life back to life and I applaud the founders and their dedication. Downtown Bangor was a very happening thing back in the 50s thru the early 80s. It would be fantastic to see it come back to the potential it was then. The creative team behind River City Cinema and additional initiatives is steadily achieving success. I applaud you. — Mark Wellman

Having River City Cinema in Bangor has been a great pleasure for us. No more thinking about driving to Waterville or Portland just to see great movies — or worse, knowing we’ll have to wait for them on DVD. RCC makes the experience of watching great movies as easy as driving 10 minutes down the road. — Jason Clarke

River City Cinema is one of Bangor’s greatest assets.  RCC opens up the world right on our doorstep with some of the finest films from around the globe.  I think my first experience with RCC was “Postmen in the Mountains” several years back.  I was intsantly hooked, and couldn’t believe the luck of a one-evening trip through lush China mountains!  RCC put me in stitches over the hilariously random “Panique Au Village.”  Immersed me in fundamental similarities in spirit and unnerving differences in gender perceptions with “Afghan Star”.  Left me completely endeared with the true story of “Winnebago Man.”  “What is River City Cinema?” is like asking me “What is ice cream?”  You have to find out what you’re missing!  As soon as possible!  Go! — Laurel Grosjean

Great for the City of Bangor. As we grow the cultural connections in our downtown (UMMA, Discovery Museum and Historical) River City  Cinema is clearly filling a vital role is this renaissance. We now need to make it permanent! — John Rohman

One of the few places in the area where we can see quality films on the big screen. Helps make us feel less isolated and more in the loop!—Deborah Rogers

River City Cinema is like going to a private screening at a friend’s house.  It’s intimate, interactive and usually thought-provoking.  All the things one needs to keep sharp! — Angela Nickerson

Your movies have given me and my grandmother something to talk about. It would be wonderful to have a proper cinema to take her to to watch the movies together! Thanks for all you do — Tessa JE Roscoe

I am definitely a fan!Having this resource in our community is great. The films are varied but always interesting. I often send recommendations based on films I’ve seen at River City Cinema to Netflix friends who are not so lucky! — Mary Dolan

River City Cinema is an important asset to the community, and to me personally. I’m a total movie buff — I read previews and reviews like mad — and I often look forward to seeing movies that end up not opening at the big local theaters. You guys bring many of those films to us. The summer movie series is wonderful for highlighting classic or previously released movies, and creating a great atmosphere in downtown Bangor. I don’t go to every screening, but I love knowing you’re there.— Jessica Whitehill

Attending a “Smiles on a Summer Night” film was a glorious way to spend an evening!  The technical quality was wonderful, the crowd was festive and the popcorn smelled great. The event transformed the feeling of Bangor.  I felt like I had arrived in a new and wonderful city! — Vicky Erker