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Friday, January 24 · 6:00 pm · Bangor Public Library, Downtown Bangor, Maine

FREE admission — FREE popcorn

Stolen Life

China , 2005, 90 min
Directed by Li Shaohong
Mandarin, with subtitles in English

A young girl is taken to live with her aunt and grandmother in Beijing. As an adolescent, Yanni is withdrawn and reclusive, believing that she has been abandoned by her parents, and that she has no control over either her life or her fate. The fact that her “family” doesn’t have much hope for her future only compounds her depression. Surprising everyone in her hostile household, Yanni is accepted to college, and as she prepares to begin her new life, an encounter with a delivery boy triggers a series of unexpected events. Director Li Shaohong takes us on a walk of discovery through life under the city, giving viewers a realistic perspective on the human experience.


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